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Dr. Dastmalchian has practiced as a family physician in Canada for more than  7 years. With the background of General Surgery, he performs office based minor surgeries at Medical Center on Yonge and is accepting referrals for

1) Vasectomy (No Scalpel Vasectomy, without bleeding/stiches)

2) Neonatal Circumcision

     a) With ring (plastibell) and conventional methods

     b) For medical indication or patient’s preference (Like Religious believes

3) In-grown toenail removal

4) Localized skin cancers

5) Removal of cysts, moles, lipoma, lumps, and bumps

6) Excisional skin biopsy for suspicious skin lesions

7) Punch biopsy

8) Botox Injections for medical conditions (including Hyperhidrosis of Axilla/Palm)


Dr. Dastmalchian carries many years of experience in Cosmetic Medicine. He performs

1) Botox Injections for cosmetics (including wrinkles on Face/Neck)

2) Fillers injection (including Face/Neck/Hand)

Consultation for cosmetic procedures is complimentary.


About Dr. Seyed K. Dastmalchian


After graduating from medical school in 1995, he worked as a general surgeon for more than 16 years in in Tehran, Iran. He had special interest in laparoscopic surgery, aesthetic surgery, and cosmetic medicine while he was working in teaching and private hospitals in Tehran, Iran. He also ran his own private clinic where he performed many minor surgical procedures under local anesthesia such as vasectomy, circumcision, skin lesions, skin cancers, and biopsies.


He has his certificate in no-scalpel vasectomy and aesthetic medicine. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine (CAAM) and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).



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